June 2019 will bring the 8th annual event. Open to Men, Women, and Juniors.  

Proceeds are directed to Womankind Inc., a local nonprofit organization offering affordable healthcare to Keys residents.


The 2018 Tournament will have the aggregate weight of 4 species determining the winner of each division, opening the playing field, and making the competition more interesting. 

The divisions will be split, not only by sex, but also between TANK AND FREE DIVERS.

Each diver will have the option to weigh ONE fish in each of the 4 categories (Hog, Snapper, Grouper, Pelagic). Each fish weighed will earn the diver 10 points, each pound will add another point to the aggregate total. The diver with the most points will win first place, every fish counts!

A bonus prize will be awarded the single individual with the most “bonus” lion fish caught. This will also be the official tie breaker.

Please contact with questions.




We still have 2018 shirts available for purchase, $20 plus shipping. Please e-mail: to request an order and complete payment. 


Soft Cotton: sizes S, M, L & XL

Soft Cotton: sizes S, M, L & XL



your sponsorship builds OUR event. Help us take this tournament to the next level.

Both Monetary and product donations are greatly appreciated. Sponsors from previous years have included the following:

Our Scale:

For the first years of this tournament, we have had to hunt for an adequate scale. Most scales on the island are limited by the weigh they can measure, or to what degree. For a non-profit tournament, it seemed out of reach to purchase a new $500 scale, but necessary for the future growth and legitimacy of this event. 

Then we found our scale sponsor. 

Fishbusterz of Key West generously jumped on board to host our scale. Fishbusterz not only ensured the future of this tournament, but created one more way to give back!

This IGFA regulated tool will be rented to other tournaments in the area; the rental fee will then be donated to Womankind Inc. extending the good will of this event. 

Anyone need to borrow our scale? Contact us for details. Rental fees donated to Womankind Inc.



Now, in its 7th year, That's What She Shot has gained recognition from the industry nationally, bringing in sponsors and participants from as far as Hawaii.  This is the only tournament in the Keys that awards men and women equally. TWSS welcomes men, women, and juniors, and splits free divers and tank divers in to two separate categories. 

TWSS is unique in one other major way; it is the ONLY spearfishing tournament in the Keys, and one of the only tournaments in the nation that benefits a non-profit. 

Womankind Inc., a local non-profit clinic in the Keys, has received over $20,000 from this event.


Founded by Renee Grier, ARNP and Gazelle Lange, CNM, Womankind began seeing patients March 15, 2001. Establishing the practice involved overwhelming community support and participation. Now, almost 2 decades later, Womankind is a thriving medical center providing high-quality family planning and primary care to people of all income levels. 

“Two things that come to mind when I think of home, the water, and the amazing community. If I can bring the two together to accomplish something positive for both, I think we all win.”    - Lea Moeller, TWSS Founder


     Lea "Lou" Di Salvo Moeller :: Founder/Director


Lea was born and raised in Key West, spending her formative years on and in the waters of the Florida Keys. After leaving the island in 2007 for a university degree and travel, she returned to find that there were no spearfishing tournaments being held south of Miami.

She had witnessed many friends make a career for themselves with spearfishing, it is not just a sport, but an opportunity for entrepreneurs. With a desire to promote spearfishing in her hometown, the first That's What She Shot spearfishing tournament was born June of 2012.

Lea has a degree in Political Science/International Affairs and Communications from Florida State University. She serves as the secretary of Womankind Inc. Board of Directors, and it currently working at The Studios of Key West, encouraging the creative side of the island.

"Two things that come to mind when I think of home are the water, and the amazing community. If I can bring them together to accomplish something positive for both, I think we all win."


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